The Smart Puppy
 Online Classes

Our online classes are done by online video  and two way video conferencing with the same great curriculum  and the same high level of student- trainer ratio as in our in-person class. You will have access to an individual trainer to assist you on your course.
You will be able to attend the course from the comfort of your home., which offers numerous benefits such as:

1. Fewer distractions from other dogs.
2. Your entire family can attend the course.
3.You are in a real life enviroment for training.

The Smart Dog
Online Classes

We have various courses to help you with your training of your fur baby.
Our training site is developing and changing all the so keep watching for new courses.
If you have a course you want todo let us know as well and we will investigate it as well.

So what's coming in the near Future:

Dog First Aid
CGC Canine Good Citizen
All 3 levels(Bronze, Silver and Gold).


We had our first online Puppy Power course. I was a bit skeptical about it being on line. It went very well. Poppy enjoyed the exersises we practised.- Mandy Visser

I just want to say that we enjoyed the online videos and the quality of the manuals. You all have done a great job, Thank you. Oliver's Mommy.

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